Prenatal (Maternal) Massage


At Little Life Imaging we believe that being pregnant is one of the most gratifying times in a woman's life.  It can also be an emotional roller coaster filled some elements of stress, anxiety, growing pains and weight gain. It's very important to allocate time out to decompress, relax and enjoy this miraculous time, not only for the mom, but also for the developing child.  We believe that incorporating massage therapy into pregnancy leads to greater overall health and an increased time of peace.  

We believe it delivers results beyond physical relaxation, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well.

During the very special of pregnancy a time of relaxation and massage can be priceless, and at Little Life Imaging we want to provide an experience that is relaxing, invigorating and memorable.

We encoourage you to consider a 30 min Prenatal (maternity) massage by Nicole Manvel Walls, a Licensed Prenatal massage therapist. The prenatal massage can be scheduled directly after a sonogram, or independent of one of our sessions.

For an additional $25.00, the 30 minute session may be increased to a full one hour session. A stuffed animal add-on may also be requested for $25.00. Simply speak to the massage therapist during the session, or make the request while making the appointment.